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Scotland by Colin McMillan by PlaceBook Scotland
I was delayed waiting on a flight home from a meeting in the e midlands and deci... Read more
Staycation by Ian Ross
Homecoming 2009 – Rovin 'n Rantin around Scotland A photo journal by Ian Ross O... Read more
now it's fixed
I'm Going Back to Scotland by PlaceBook Scotland
I’m going back to Scotland, the truth I cannot bearThat if I die so far away, I’... Read more
The Beauty of the Loch by PlaceBook Scotland
The Breeze of a Summer's Day by PlaceBook Scotland
Let me feel the breeze of a summer’s day in Scotland’s wide open skies Where in... Read more
A Primary One Trip to the Park by PlaceBook Scotland
White fluffy clouds in the blue sky The hot yellow sun warms our skin Down on th... Read more
Lessons from a Lark by PlaceBook Scotland
Lessons from a Lark Bright sunny days in Caithness are all the more precious for... Read more
Inzievar by PlaceBook Scotland
If I gang frae Inzievar and sail across the sea Gang awa or bide awa Ye’... Read more
Thinking of Home by PlaceBook Scotland
THINKING OF HOME In Canada, I have seen the Rockies tow... Read more
Haunds by PlaceBook Scotland
HAUNDS I looked at ma hauns the day, an’ read a life. Saw in them a’ thei... Read more
Call To The Emigrant by PlaceBook Scotland
Call To The Emigrant I have a secret to shareWith my whispersI reach out to youT... Read more