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The Battle of Ardunnion

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Trevor Downer
The Battle of Ardunnion
Loch Ardinning
Loch Ardinning

The Battle of Ardunnion

Never heard of it, nor had I.  The Battle of Ardunnion was fought about AD 570.  Records are virtually non-existent but it may have been between the Britons  from what later became the kingdom of Strathclyde.  and an invading Pictish army from the north." Cat Craig". Marks the spot and the name comes from the ancient British & Gaelic words meaning Battle Rock.

Where is it? At the side of the A81 Glasgow to Aberfoyle road just before Strathblane in the area that is now A Scottish Wildlife Trust Reserve. Loch Ardinning is shallow and at 436 feet above sea level sometimes freezes over in the winter.  It used to be popular for curling. The area also has a now disused quarry where the stone for the original road, now the A81, was collected from in the 19th cent.

The paths around Loch Ardinning are perfect for walking.

There is a reasonably steep climb to reach the old quarry and Battle Rock.

Then on to Aberfoyle that was perfect for a stroll and ice cream cone with the temperature at 21 degrees.

The Trossachs, back -drop to Aberfoyle.  A smashing day out