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Rumbling Bridge

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Rumbling Bridge

The bridge.

The lower bridge without parapets,was built in 1713 by William Gray, a mason from Saline. It is 22 feetlong and 11feet wide and 86 feet above the average water level. However, an ancient bridge preceded this and is still just visible.

The second bridge or Upper Arch {120 feet above the river}was constructed 34feet above it in 1816 and gave it an easier gradient. Also in 1816 in March there was a greatest flood ever heard of in Kinross, all the burns were brimfull.

And then on August 13th a smart shock of earthquake was felt, and beds shook, Therewas also wet and late harvest during which there was snow on four different occasions from five to six inches deep. So the village fock had a rough time.